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context   has experience with quality development and evaluation in intercultural contexts. To us, an ambitious procedure in the examination field is characterised by:

  • careful identification and formulation of objectives,
  • profound identification of people/institutions who are involved in and affected by the evaluation, as well as
  • proper application of evaluation instruments.

Intercultural communication is a complex and blurred field. That is why attempts to evaluate quality in this area are characterised by great uncertainty. For this reason, we usually use methods and approaches of qualitative research, which – from our point of view – leads to more precise perceptions and valid assessments. What is more, the systemic perspective is more process-oriented than focusing on the results. Likewise, the evaluations will be conducted in reference to the process. Consequently, the dynamics, triggered by the evaluation, will firstly become visible and secondly can be used positively for the evaluative field. We understand evaluation as an interactive process between all the people involved with the aim of securing the quality of work.


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